Slitting Machine

Indiana Flame Service

Steel making is a global business and competition is intense.Investing in solutions that eliminate or minimize production problems and increase through-put is the key not just to profitability but to survival.

Even though significant technology advances have occurred in manufacturing iron and steel, the technology of steel slab cutting and processing steel has remained relatively unchanged. The design of cutting torches and equipment has improved, but little has been done to improve on the entire process.

In the late 1990s, Indiana Flame Service changed everything you thought you knew about steel processing.

Indiana Flame Service revolutionized steel slab cutting by developing the most advanced steel cutting systems in the world. The company will engineer and custom design equipment to fit your steel mills and install a system to fit your unique requirements. This advancement in cutting technology, when applied properly, saves steel mills millions of dollars.

Edw. C. Levy Co. is an international steel mill services company with operations in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. Levy, through its European subsidiary Donze, manufacturers a complete line of steel cutting torches and supplies. Together, the company deploys its proprietary cutting and flame solutions in advanced steel slitting, steel slab cutting, and steel conditioning facilities that serve some of the largest steel mills in the world.